Friday, September 7

Family Walks

Camillo and I have been taking Oliver out for evening walks. The weather has been gorgeous and by 6:30pm, the breeze is just perfect! I still can't walk too far, and the 2ish miles we go are a bit slow but that just means more time to hold Camillo's hand and talk about good stuff. Plus, it feels so great to be out and a little active. My goodness, I can't wait to get back to the gym. I've got strict orders to not overdo it for at least 6 weeks, maybe more. 3 weeks down, hopefully only 3 more to go. These legs are ready for a run!! We'll get there..slow but sure. 
Sidenote: It's September! I'm so happy, so excited for autumn! I get super nostalgic this time of year. I mean, the colors, the weather, the cozy clothes, the apples and pumpkins, and the holidays coming! My heart is glad and I can't wait for this next season with our new little family.

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