Monday, September 17

Who slept from midnight to 7am??

THIS happy one month old!! 
Seven hours of sleep?! Of course he woke up in a good mood! It made daddy's day, probably his week, to have his little guy so smiley. Oh my, how I love these boys!!
My theory is that Oliver slept so well because we partied it up for his one month birthday on Saturday. We drove down to my family's town to watch Uncle Josiah play football (GO KINGS!) and spend the day with Gpa. I guess the day wore Ollie out because he slept all the way home, woke up for about an hour to eat once we got here, and then fell asleep again for 7 hours straight!

It was a great day for a quick little road trip and we all enjoyed our time together as a family of 3. The two hour drive was perfect for talking about some goals and making some plans for the next season and it felt great to sort some thoughts out together as a team. 
Oh, Ollie 
Mama can't believe you've already been here for a whole month! Everyone said it would go by quick and they weren't kidding! You're sleeping really well at night, usually 5 hours at a time. You smile more and more everyday and I'm convinced it has nothing to do with a gassy're just our happy baby! At your one month check up you weighed 11lbs (!!) and already stretched out another 1 1/2 inches! We've had so much fun learning more about you everyday. I want these first weeks to last forever but I'm excited to see who you grow into. 
We love you so very much!!
Mama and Daddy

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