Tuesday, October 9

My Five Words


Let's go back for a second, to even just 3 months ago...July. I was 8 months pregnant, working between 45 and 50 hours a week. Most evenings I was home by about 6pm and would fix a quick dinner, watch a show or two on the couch with Camillo, and then head to bed around 9pm. I was away from home for so much of the day, that I was excited to get back and those 3 hours every evening felt relaxing. I didn't think much about what filled our home or how it made me feel. 

Back to present time.

I'm suddenly spending almost 24 hours a day at home. In my 2 bedroom apartment. Let me say, I am so so SO thankful to be able to have this time at home with Ollie, and we're super blessed to have found a great deal on a two bedroom place. I'm most definitely NOT complaining. But let me get to my point...
It's just becoming very apparent, in an annoying sort of way, that our home doesn't really reflect who Camillo and I are as a couple, and now a family. By spending more than a couple hours a day at home (awake), I have time to notice that our home doesn't feel the way I wish it did. At first, I felt that maybe I was being ungrateful and prayed that my heart would change. That I'd be thankful for what we have. With everything we've been blessed with, why did I feel so discontent? 

Then somehow, I saw my 'discontent' in a different light and realized it wasn't due to ungratefulness. I'm just entering a new season of life and slowly figuring out what that will look like. As a new mama and a homemaker, it's my responsibility to make our home into a place that we enjoy. One that reflects us and can be a safe haven where we can find peace. It's okay to want a home like that. Yearning for such a place isn't being unthankful, it's just realizing that I have this amazing responsibility and opportunity to serve my family in a new way. 

Now how do I figure out how to create an enjoyable, peaceful home? I felt like I didn't know how to make an apartment our home. But when I found a few posts from Fieldstone Hill, I was immediately encouraged and got excited to narrow down our style, and how to work towards that by keeping a few descriptive words in mind. 
Knowing this is how I want our home to feel, I can focus on how to decorate and organize in a way that we can appreciate. My next plan of action is to go through our house and choose what stays. And what goes. It will all have to pass through my list. I want to be brutal! Wish me luck. I'm looking forward to recreating our space.

What would your style words be? Do you think your home reflects those words? Tell us in the comments below!

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