Sunday, October 7


This is one of my favorite photos of his first 8 weeks...look how he's reaching out to hold my thumb. Oh my gosh, I die.

Poor little buddy. As hard as we tried, we couldn't keep Ollie from getting Camillo's cold this week. My teeny tiny baby bear has been sneezing and sniffling since last Monday and it breaks my heart! We spent a lot of time snuggling, that's for sure. Good thing he loves his k'tan. Mama loves it, too, because it let's me hold him close but keeps my hands free to do little odds and ends around the house. Even small chores like making the bed, doing the dishes, or folding the load of laundry make me feel good and productive. 

Hopefully all will be well within the next couple days. Camillo's almost back to 100% so I'm sure Ollie is close behind. Until then, it's snot suckers and snuggle time. Yay.

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