Tuesday, October 23

Our little family was out and about on Saturday and Fall was definitely in the air. Brr! I'd been wishing we could go to Barnes and Nobles but since Camillo doesn't exactly enjoy scouring over the shelves for too long, I didn't mention it. Imagine my surprise when he asked if we could go! 

It felt so nice to be in the middle of all those books and I just wanted to soak it up. I scanned through the entrepreneurship section (what?!), the crafty books, the travel guides, and the funny non-fiction. Instead of filling a basket with books I'd like to read, I took pictures of each cover so I can look for them at the library. Usually, if I get half way through a book and decide it will be a good one to own, that's when I'll pay for it. Sometimes I wish I could read about 12 books at a time! 

What books have you read recently? Do you have a list of ones you're hoping to read soon?

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