Friday, October 19

A Little Reminiscing

Oh my goodness, you guys. Last night I just about went crazy with nostalgia. That seems to be a recurring feeling around this time of year. Am I the only one that this happens to??

I took advantage of Oliver's hour(ish) nap between meals and headed out solo to run a couple errands. My first stop was Starbucks to drop something off for my brother. The peaceful buzz of people visiting and sipping their evening drinks was so comforting under the dim lights. I wanted to stay and sit for hours! My next destination was Trader Joe's but first I had to drive back through town. I took the scenic route and felt so happy to see the 14 different shade of oranges and reds, yellows and browns. Isn't it beautiful? By the time I got back into Ballard, driving past church was another overwhelming sense of 'I've been here before and I remember it fondly'. This time last year I was well underway in my internship and also working at the gym that's right across the street. There were so many early mornings and late nights. With friends, coffee, meetings, projects, and holiday cheer to fill in between. To say the least, this little corner of Ballard holds a lot of sentiment. I was a busy lady but my days were full and my heart was glad.

Some may interpret 'nostalgia' as a longing to go back to a better time. That's not what I want. This season is just so much different than the last. I'm a stay at home mama who gets to raise her baby and build her apartment into a home for her family. These are the things I've always wanted and feel completely overjoyed to be where we are now. And I'm so thankful for the memories we've made. Stay tuned for next Fall when I'm writing a similar post on reminiscing about making apple pies with a baby wrapped to my chest, crisp walks holding Camillo's hand, and cuddling with both my boys while it rains and pours outside. Ah, what a life.

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