Wednesday, October 17

Fancy Pants

I've never really shopped for pants at Old Navy because their sizes run small (or big..?) and I don't feel very good buying a pair of pants two numbers bigger than I actually am. Superficial. I know. Anyways, I was near an Old Navy the other day and there was a big sign saying Baby Sale!! I went in just to see what baby clothes I could find for Ollie and, like a retriever does with a squirrel, got totally distracted by the rows and rows of colored denim in the mommy section. They were just so beautiful I couldn't help but try on a pair. Since they were also on sale for only $20 I figured as long as they fit okay, I could ignore the number. Long story short, I ended up with four pairs of nicely fitting, colored denim (not shown: light blue) and zero baby clothes. Sorry kid. Thanks Old Navy. 

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