Wednesday, November 28

Dinner Disaster

In my quest to find an awesome recipe using left over mashed potatoes, I found this one for gnocchi. What?! It's that easy to make it?! And I already have all {four} ingredients it calls for? Yes, I am making this!
Camillo loves gnocchi and I was super excited to show him what I'd made. Everything was going great; pretty fun actually. Until I cooked them.
I poured the little nuggets into the boiling water and, as directed, fished them out once they floated to the top. Hmm..these were the first mushy gnocchi I'd ever had. My guess was that they needed another minute or two. Well, after in-ing and out-ing them a couple times to no avail, I decided I had failed. Uh, sorry babe. What had I done wrong?! For a split second my head cold fog lifted and I realized I'd used mashed potatoes. Um, duh. The extra ingredients (who knows how much butter, milk, sour cream, etc) were the culprit. And my cute little gnocchi nuggets were the victims.

Okay, so that didn't work out. Camillo was proud I'd tried something so 'fancy' (let's not tell him how easy they actually are..) and was fine with a plan B dinner. Good thing I had one. Except that I didn't. Let me tell you that I haven't been grocery shopping for 2 weeks. Thankfully, there was a can of soup in the pantry. Chicken tortilla something or other. Fine, soup it would be. Once I poured the can into the pot, though...I realized that wouldn't be enough to feed us both. The next few minutes went like this:

Here, I know. I'll put some corn in it. We like corn.
Woah. Okay, Camillo would probably like some soup with that corn..what else could I..Oh, black beans! We need more fiber anyways. 
Dangit. That didn't help. What if I..turkey! I have left over turkey! 
There, that might be okay. Don't I have some..oh here! Salsa! I'll put some salsa in it!

Phew. That was a close one. What started out as a scarce can of soup turned into some sort of chicken turkey chili. It was really good and, paired with a quesadilla, hit the spot. 
So, that's my dinner disaster for the week. It all ended well and at least now I know I can make gnocchi. Next time I'll bake the potatoes. And leave out the extra mush. 

Now it's 6:52pm on Wednesday and the microwave is humming as it heats our left over chicken turkey chili. Cuz this mama can't get out of this head fog to whip up anything better.

And I still haven't gone grocery shopping. 

Have you ever made a tasty meal kind of on accident? Share some recipes with us in the comments!


Today I'm thankful..
For friends with babies
That my husband doesn't mind leftover soup
Because Ollie slept 8 hours straight last night. And he's gonna do it again tonight (right, baby?)

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