Monday, November 26

Today is November 26th. That means there are only 5 weeks left of 2012!! This year has been so full and so very blessed.

I've already started to put a lot of thought into my resolutions for this new year. I don't want another 12 months to come and go with a half hearted list of goals that are unaccomplished because they weren't planned well. 

The list isn't written all the way yet but I know something to do with health will be there for sure. And it will probably have to be about what I eat. Because, let's be honest, I may not have much control over getting to the gym at a certain time everyday (read: Ollie takes 20 minute naps) but I can absolutely control what food I put in my mouth. Or don't. 

I've decided that two small changes I can make will help me be so much healthier. #1: no sugar during the weekdays. Man, oh man. I am addicted to sweets and treats. It's kind of disgusting. Well, it would be if it wasn't so delicious. I am hereby committing to cutting all sugar intake out of every weekday. Treats will be saved for a weekend, if I've done well enough to earn it. I don't want to deprive myself of something I really enjoy but I need to switch my point of view:: Two cookies are a special treat to indulge in only on occasion. No longer is it acceptable to eat an entire box. In one evening. #2: up my fruit and veggie count everyday. Maybe we didn't do a lot of veggies when I was a kid but for some reason, it's really hard for me. 5 a day - are you kidding?! It's not that I don't like vegetables, I just don't think about them. I've recently heard a lot of buzz about juicing. When a friend of mine made me a glass of juice (maybe 8 ounces?) I was shocked to realize I'd just had 3 servings of veggies and 1 fruit. That was easy, I can totally do that!!

And why wait five weeks? There's a juicer on my counter and the cupboards are bare of cookies. {cough cough} Now's a great time to start. I'm ready and excited to be adventurous with fruits and vegetables, and who knows? Maybe by January 1st I'll be craving broccoli on the weekends instead of ColdStone. I'll keep you posted!


side note: I should emphasize that juicing is not replacing any of my meals. I'm still a breastfeeding mama and will continue to eat what I need to to keep Oliver healthy and full. By juicing, my hope is to add to my daily nutrition - for me and my baby.

Today I'm thankful
That the holiday was spent with family
For a beautiful sunny day
That it's never too late 

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