Wednesday, November 21

PNW Weather

The last few days in Seattle have been wet wet wet! And I love it. I think dark rainy days are beautiful. Especially when it pours on the roof and bounces off the leaves. Good thing I live in the PNW, huh? Yesterday was the most stormy - we even got some thunder and lightening! It was a day of snuggles in the rocking chair and naps with lots of blankies. 

Today has been less stormy but still just as cozy. We ventured out this afternoon for a mommy/baby hot cocoa date. As I type, Ollie is wrapped up to my chest, snoring away :) It's the perfect combo: work and baby.

We've got some low key family plans for Thanksgiving tomorrow. It's nice to have a low key holiday every couple years. Like I've said before, we're usually a traveling part of the hustle and bustle.  

What are your plans? Traveling far or staying close?


Today I'm thankful
For stormy weather
That we have a cozy home to shelter us from it all
For quiet cafes and hot cocoa

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