Monday, November 19

Donuts, Brioche, and Macarons at the Market

A couple weeks ago, Camillo and I made plans to take Oliver to the pumpkin patch! We were going to go after church and spend the afternoon taking pictures while Ollie had the time of his life. Right? Well, that's how I envisioned it. However, sitting in the parking lot underneath dark grey clouds, we realized it might not be the best idea. My happy thoughts turned to visions of soaking wet, muddy mom and dad, and screaming baby. Okay, so we decided this would be the only year we could skip the pumpkin patch. But we still wanted to do something fun so we drove down town to the Pike Place Market for a stroll through the vendors.
At the Daily Dozen, we waited in line for a variety dozen of donuts. They're made right there, on the spot, and totally worth the wait in line. Plus, they have tiny little apple pies!
It's hard to walk through the market without taking a handful of cliche photos. Ya know, the ones with rows and rows of brightly colored fruit and veggies. But seriously, isn't it beautiful? 
We also stopped in at La Panier, a 'very french bakery', for some croissants and brioche. I think I enjoyed the display of macarons as much as the breads we tasted!
Oh, look who's awake! Of course he slept through the whole thing. I'm glad we didn't go to the P-patch this year. It probably would have been disappointing to realize he might not have cared as much as mama ;)
I love snuggling my little guy in his baby k'tan. It's really comfortable and he can sleep for hours in it. Next year, he'll be just over a year old - the perfect age for pumpkins and corn mazes, yes? Until then, mama doesn't mind a day at the market.


Today I'm thankful
For crockpots. Oh my word, I shouldn't even have to explain why. 
That we live on a busy street because the sound of traffic calms Ollie down.
    (funny fact: when we stay at my parents' house I have to turn the sound machine on to it's 'traffic'
    setting. Otherwise, it's too quiet for him to sleep!!)
For dark chocolate hot cocoa..mmm

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