Saturday, December 15

Four Months!!

Oooh, Sonny! You are mama's 4 month old! I thought it was just yesterday you were 4 weeks! This has been a super fun month, you're growing so fast and learning so many new things! The Doctor said you are 17 pounds already and 27 inches long, that's the 90th percentile.  She is surprised how strong and wiggly you are.
We like to go to Uncle Jordy's for hot cocoa dates (he works at Starbuck's). This is a picture of you wearing the hat mama's friend, Erika, made for you. It's so cute..our favorite!
You're not very interested in napping these days. Mama has to trick you by letting you sit up in her lap instead of laying you in her arms. We hold hands and rock in our chair. Gets you every time. 
This hat makes you look like Oliver Twist! You're my curious little baby with a twinkle in your eye. I still can't believe you're all mine!! Well, daddy's, too. 

It's almost you're first Christmas! We're going to start new family traditions just for us! We love having you in our family, Ollie. Thanks for being our little guy.
Love you so so much,

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