Thursday, January 3

Off To A Good Start

 Our first day of this new year was spent outside in the gorgeous sunshine! While daddy was studying, this baby and I bundled up for a nice, cold walk around Queen Anne. It was magnificent! Ollie loves being outside and had a great time watching all the things we passed by. Trees, cars, houses, coffee shops, bikers, runners, stop signs. He's such a curious little bug and I can already tell he's going to love learning - just like his daddy!

I didn't really know where we were exactly but it was fun to explore and walk down streets we'd never been before. Except for when the raised sidewalk suddenly ended and the only way to get down to street level was a flight of sketchy, potentially icy stairs. That was a little too 'all-terrain' so we turned the stroller around and found a different route. We were obviously on the upper/outer parts of Queen Anne Hill because the views were so great. Can you see the mountains through those phone wires? 

We've had the best couple weeks as a family of three celebrating our first season of holidays together. It's been perfect, really. 

And now, January is here. Are you excited? Me, too. 


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