Thursday, January 31

One Word For Twenty Thirteen

Since I opted out of making a resolution list this year, I joined Gussy and Ali in their One Word tradition. I love the idea and spent quite a while reading through the comments on both pages. Most people said they chose words that seemed to have 'chosen them'. That's how mine came about, too. I felt it sneaking through my thoughts during middle of the night crib parties, whispered into my heart while waiting impatiently for Camillo to be done studying for the night. Then one week, the word practically fell into my lap while reading my bible. 
Challenge accepted! This year, I want to choose a happy heart over a grumpy one. I want to be cheerful rather than full of worry. I want to give Camillo a smile instead of an irritated side glance. I just want to choose joy!

What would your word be? Tell me in the comments below, I'd love to know!



  1. Balance.

    I love your posts! I can so relate to your journey <3

    1. Balance is a great word. Makes for a perfect goal, too! Thank you for reading :) xo


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