Friday, January 25

A Dirty Four Letter Word


Oh my gosh, just the sound of it makes me cringe! Camillo has been studying for this test for six months and I can't wait until it's over and done with. If it's been this hard on me, I can't imagine what it's done to Camillo's brain. Mine would be mush but somehow I think he gets even smarter when he studies. Go figure. 

Saturday is the big day. We'll send him off with a good breakfast and lots of prayers. If you're not sure what I'm taking about, the MCAT is the Medical College Acceptance Test. His score will dictate which med schools will even accept his application (the fancy schools don't even take your application unless you score above, say, 30/40). Yeah, huge friggin' deal.

Both of us are making lists of all the things we'll do when this test is history. More family dinners at the table rather than at his desk. More family walks rather than leaving him behind every time. More time to take turns going to the gym, more time with Oliver, more time to pursue each other, more time to spend with friends, more time to ... You name it. 

Thank you, Jesus this four letter word is almost a thing of our past. And thank you that Camillo is gonna rock that test. And thank you for his smarty pants. And thank you for helping us through the last six months. And thank you for being with us still. Because this is only just the beginning!!


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