Thursday, January 24

Today Is Wednesday, Right?

Things are a little off around here in the Candido house. What I thought might have been a constipated tummy ache  turned out to be a toofy coming in! Not sure how I mixed those two things up but, hey, we're learning! Ollie's first tooth popped through on Monday night and we're still working on the second one. His poor little gums are swollen and bulging from the pressure of that tiny tooth trying to get out of there! Needless to say, the days have been filled with moaning and groaning (mostly from baby..) and the nights have been long and lacking sleep. I've found myself whispering "we're gonna make it" over and over under my breath. I'm sure I'm being a little over dramatic but this is our first teething rodeo, folks. 

To end on a lighter note: Oliver is gonna look so cute with those two little toofies! :)
We're gonna make it...


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  1. Hahaha...right before Ems 2nd birthday she had the runs for a week and I couldn't figure it fever or finished and she had all four of her 2 year molars!


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