Wednesday, January 9

Our Merry Little Christmas

   Since we spent Christmas with my family earlier in December, Camillo and I decided it'd be a good year to start our every-other-year-plan. We don't get to take turns between families because Camillo's  family lives in Brasil. As grand as it would be to travel to South America biennially, we just can't do it. So the last couple years have been spent with my family but this year, we stayed at our house - just the three of us! I was really looking forward to an intimate family Christmas and I wasn't disappointed. It was perfect. 
On Christmas Eve we brought the air mattress out to the living room for a little slumber party under the tree lights. It was so fun! We're going to keep this a Candido Family Tradition. Yay! We stayed up a little too late watching catch-up Dexter episodes. What?! I know. That part won't be tradition :) Maybe some holiday movies would be more appropriate..
Oliver finally slept through the night again. The week before he'd been waking up every two hours screaming hungry. Oh, and every night since then, too. So much for 10 hour nights. Anyways, it was a great Christmas gift from my little guy. I woke up feeling rested and ready for a happy day. We stayed in bed for another hour or two, taking pictures, singing silly songs, and snuggling. I love my boys!
The rest of the day consisted of a yummy breakfast and good coffee, a couple gifts, Christmas storybooks, thankful conversations, and naps. Really, it was exactly what I had been hoping for.

By next year, when Ollie is old enough to kinda join in, I hope to establish a couple more Christmas traditions. What are some of your family traditions? Do tell!


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