Monday, February 25


Hey All,
Just popping in for a quick Hello! We've got a sick baby in this house so there hasn't been much more than snuggles and snot suckers. I feel like I just wrote about this? Oh, yeah. He just got over teething! Poor little guy. He's finally sleeping better after a couple nights of absolutely not sleeping at all. Actually, he's slept so well today that I've painted a wall in his room, disassembled and sanded 2 pieces of furniture, and started some laundry. What what?! Now for a coat of primer!
Oh, we finally got some good news about the reconstruction of his room!! It's been twenty four days, people!! But! The contractor is coming Wednesday morning and should be finished in a week, tops. I cannot believe the drama this has been. But we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and that in itself has relieved a lot of my stress/claustrophobia! Thank the Lord. 
Aw, I hear a little voice blah blah blahing back there, better go!!

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