Friday, February 15

Six Months Big!

/\ "Ma! Stop taking my picture and gimme more food!" /\
/\ Helping with the laundry! /\
/\ Drinking water and sitting up! /\
/\ Singing songs in Paigey's high chair /\
/\ Being silly at Ikea /\
/\ Sleeping in the car /\
Dear Oliver,
This 6 month mark always seemed so far off. Like a milestone that would forever be 'just a few weeks away'. But alas, it has come!! Daddy and I love you so much more now than we ever thought possible. And tomorrow we'll love you bigger! You are such a sweet spirited little boy. I don't take that for granted and I thank Jesus for you every single day. 

It's been a big month for you, buddy! You are now officially on the move! Your crawling is a little more like yoga. You've perfected the downward dog and the cat pose. I don't think the army crawl is a yoga move but you add a little of that in there, too. Now you can even sit up by yourself! Sometimes if you get distracted, you slowly start leaning to one side and, if you lean too far, it's a slow motion fall. But you never cry! You're tough like Daddy :)

You were really tough when your first two toofies came in. It was a rough two weeks but by the end of it, they were both there! Mostly you needed a little extra snuggle time and had a hard time sleeping. Mama doesn't mind extra snuggles and the long nights meant more nap times for both of us. 

The Doctor says you are very healthy! You weighed in at 19lbs 15ozs and 28 inches long!! That's the 85th percentile for weight and your height is off the charts. So is the size of your head. So, I guess you'll be tall and smart like Daddy!!

The other day we had acorn squash for dinner and Mama let you try some. Your face was funny at first but then you asked for more. Soon you'll try yams and avocados. 

You've found your voice it seems. You still don't cry very much but you talk very loudly (with lots of new 'words') and in all ranges of pitch. You have a sweet little voice and I think 'Mama' will be your first word! ;) 

We love you, baby!! You're our favorite baby the whole world!

Mama & Daddy

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  1. Sweeeeeeeet ! Happy 6 months, Ollie ! xoxo <3 Nonie


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