Monday, February 18

' comes in the morning' Psalm 30:5

Okay, so I've been hearing a lot about the 'quarter life crisis'. Maybe that's what this was. Okay, still kind of is. Or maybe it was a case of baby blues. Whatever it was/is, it's real. And apparently I'm not alone. So who's with me?!?

I guess it's common to, in your mid 20's, experience a shift in pressure. For me, my shift came blowing in with a baby and career change. Add some pretty dramatic family changes and I had myself a crisis. Or so I felt - there beneath the crushing weight of my circumstances. I wasn't realizing that these circumstances are called life. I was trying to hold it all together, make it all better, by myself in my own strength in my own way.

Of course I was exhausted/anxious/an emotional wreck/losing my mind. I was putting my hope in circumstances, rather than in Jesus. So when my circumstances felt confusing and hopeless, I felt confused and hopeless. I felt weak and small, but it's here that Jesus reminds me that He's here to carry me through.

It's a process - I'm not saying it's all figured out. It takes a daily, conscious effort to turn my hope away from my circumstances and towards my Savior. I'm more hopeful now than I've been in months. So I encourage you! The things you're gong through now are only temporary. Don't let your circumstances hold your hope! Put your trust in Jesus and joy will come.


note: I'm sure you've noticed I've been talking a lot more about my faith. If you have any questions about who Jesus is to me, or what I believe, please feel free to ask. Either in the comments below or by email happycandido[at]gmail[dot]com

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