Saturday, March 16

7 Months!

/\ Telling Mama something very important! /\
/\ Climbing up onto the pouf! Look, Ma, no hands! /\
/\ Your buddy, Preston! Somehow, you are bigger than ALL of yours friends.. /\
/\ Showing Gpa your climbing skills. Oh, look! I can reach this platter and bite it! /\
/\ The baby loves the swings!! /\
/\ You and Aria had so much fun climbing on the suitcase! /\

Dear Oliver,
   Okay, that's enough. You can stop growing up now! What a fun month we've had. So far the 6th month has been my favorite..but maybe I will say the same thing about this 7th month!
   You are crawling everywhere!! Your new favorite thing is to pull yourself up..onto everything! When you get onto your feet, you laugh and laugh and your voice gets high pitched - Mama can tell you are just so proud of yourself! This morning I watched you 'walk' from one side of your crib to the other. Oh my! 
   We took our first trip to the park a couple weeks ago. You were so captivated by all the other kids running around! There was just the right sized swing for you and guess what? You loved it so much!! Mama has a sweet little video of you giggling as you go back and forth, up and down! It was a wonderful day. 
   So far you have tried sweet potatoes, acorn squash, avocados, peas, apple sauce, and, by necessity, prunes! You love to eat like a big boy and you're starting to eat more and more each meal time. You are also very interested in drinking water from a cup. Some of it stays in your mouth..but a lot of it ends up on your shirt. It's okay, it's fun!!
   We've had lots of fun play dates this month, too. Every Wednesday we get to see your friends Elouise and Levi. Elouise was born just 4 days after you! We also spent a day with Preston and another day with Aria. You love to be with other kids, Mama can tell. It's so fun to see you and your friends talking to each other. I definitely have some little movies of that, too!  
   This week Daddy is on spring break which means we are going on lots of family adventures! We love being a family, Sonny. Thank you for being the cutest part of it. Love you!!

Mama and Daddy

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