Tuesday, March 12

Homework and Housework

What a crazy weekend. Are you guys aware that it is mid-March already?! I just checked the calendar - it’s true. In the midst of this rainy month, the sun shone bright over the weekend. It was glorious. I opened the blinds and didn’t even care that the neighbors could see into our embarrassingly messy house. Didn’t even care. 

Good news! The embarrassingly messy-ness of our house has been [almost] fixed!! Friday we got an unexpected phone call that the contractor would be by within 15 minutes to finish the closet. And we were given the A-Ok to start putting Oliver’s room back together!! The last couple days have been a whirlwind, to say the least. This mama is trying to bust a move to get things back in order before the next crew comes in to clean the carpets! Yay! 

You can be sure I’ll show you some photos soon. I’ve definitely been documenting all six weeks of this project. Oh em gee. In the meantime, please don’t mind my potential absence in this space for a few days. My move buster is working over time!


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