Wednesday, March 6

Pretty Prints

I take pictures. Like, all the time. I've only had an iPhone for about 6 months and have filled my album to the brim...twice! I've always had a thing for photography. In 3rd grade I had to do a quick research project and short presentation. I chose cameras as my topic! 
I've made a pact with my photo library to be more diligent about letting some of them out! It's great to have photos but, if nobody else can see them, isn't it a little lame? I printed our first small pile of photos and am so happy to have them in my hands! Something tangible that we can display and keep special moments fresh in our memories. Like a sleepy baby and a creepy 'stache. I chose some 4x4 pictures from my Instagram library and, instead of the normal 4x6, printed the others in 3x5 size. They're so cute and fun!
Now we just need to figure out how we want to display these for all to see! Something like this Instax Wall from A Beautiful Mess would be amazing. We'll have to work on our collection first, I think though. I also love the idea to use old clipboards. If you'd like, you can take a peak at my Pinterest Board of ideas. 

How do you display your photos? You can be sure I'll share some DIY projects when they're finished!!

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