Friday, April 5

A Day At The Park

When you live in Seattle, you've got to take advantage of a sunny day while you can. So Ollie and I packed up the stroller and headed out for an adventure. We ended up parkin' it in a grassy patch at SPU. It's a gorgeous campus only about a half mile from home! 
/\ Probably my new favorite photo of him!! /\
/\ Found one of Paigey's toys in our trunk..oops! But he loves it! /\ 

We crawled around in the grass for about a half an hour, just enough time for class to get out. Aahh, there's a baby! Guess the students don't get a lot of baby guests. Ha! It's okay, Ollie loves the attention ;) 

I'm thankful we live so close to such a pretty spot. Summer will be fun with a waddling one year old!


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