Wednesday, April 3

Like A Tourist

Last week while Camillo was on spring break, we took a trek to Alki Beach. It's over in West Seattle, only about 20 minutes from us but this was our first time there! The day was dry but overcast, perfect weather for Mama and the baby to wear matching coats ;) 
These next few pictures..oh my gosh. We thought we were so clever to put Ollie up on those big cement platform and hide behind him so it looked like he was standing there by himself. Let me tell you that we were giggling so much! And as you can see, Oliver wasn't quite as interested in our fake out photo as he was with his zipper.
 And then he found how awesome the concrete felt to his little fingers... 
Silly faces with Daddy! 
It's always fun to try new places. If you're ever in the area, go check out Alki Beach Park! There are great walking paths, lots of sand and pretty driftwood. Go around lunch time and try the chimichanga at Cactus!!


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