Friday, April 12


Did you have a good week? It's been dark and rainy here but the weather fit perfectly into our sleepy week. Oliver has been teething (seriously. again. 5th tooth already.) and when that happens, he wakes up reeeally early. Like 430am he's up in his crib, talking to Francis (the Hippo), singing, laughing at his own jokes, knocking on the wall looking for someone to come play with him. There's no ignoring him when he's ready to get up so this mama has been soo sleeepy.

Now, it's Friday and we're heading out of town. It will be a fun couple days with the fam, three photo shoots, and hopefully a little rest for me! What are your plans for the weekend? I know! You want to enter this giveaway right away so you don't miss out! It closes tonight at midnight and I'll randomly draw the winner on Monday. At this point, you guys, there's one entry (thank you, Katie ;). I noticed on FB that a few of you shared the link - thank you! But don't forget to leave a comment below to say 'I shared on FB' or something like that so that you're in the running. Because I only draw from the comments on this page, not Facebook or Pinterest. Get it? Thanks guys :)

Happy Weekend!!


  1. I didn't know that! I SHARED on FB! Can't wait to see you and ollie ollie oxen free!

  2. I tried to find you on pinterest but couldn't


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