Wednesday, April 17

8 Months

/\ Ooooh! I just love puffs so muuuuch!! /\

 /\ Your new fake cry face. Sorry, but Mama knows exactly when you're fakin' it!! /\
 /\ Mealtime is so much fun! Until Mama has to clean up the mess... (but I don't mind) /\
 /\ A trip to the fabric store. The most interesting thing? The screw hole in the cart! /\
/\ The sweetest new thing you do: cover your face with your arm /\
and play with your hair while you fall asleep drinking milk..aaaw!
/\ A sunny trip to the park! /\ 
/\ Our new friend, Francis the Hippo! /\
Dear Ollie,
   Oh, my. You are such a funny kid. Mama and Daddy are having such a fun time getting to know you! We sure are glad you're our little man. You're kind of our favorite!! 
   In the last couple weeks, Mama let you try puffs! Your four toofies know exactly what to do and you love to chew those little crackers all by yourself! That means you're also learning how to use your fingers to pick up the littlest things. Like puffs..and pieces of inedibles off the floor! 
   I can actually see your fifth tooth poking out already, too. I'm not sure why your teeth are coming so fast but at least you're pretty brave about it. I'm trying to help you remember that teeth are for biting puffs ...but not Mama's boobies - ouch!! 
   Your new favorite thing to do is pull yourself up onto anything and then let go! You have great balance already and I'm convinced you'll be walking very soon. Gpa was only 9 months old when he started walking, think you can beat that?  
   We've been reading a lot lately, too. You like the kind of books that have touchy feely things on the page. Sometimes, when I'm reading to you, you pull the book toward you so you can lick it. Ha! You just like to taste everything!!
   You're a busy little fella and Mama loves having you as her sidekick. Thank you for being so sweet. I  love you the most!!

PS. Giveaway winner announced over here!! 

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