Friday, April 26

Sometimes Chunky Legs Are Better Left Undressed

This week has been uh-mazing. The sun has been out and it's been warm. Oliver has been in shorts since Sunday because, let's face it, his rolly little legs are just too cute to keep covered up! We've spent everyday outside either walking Greenlake, picking grass near Daddy's school, or swinging at the park.  It's been a glorious taste of summer and we can't wait for these kind of days to become the norm. For like two weeks, but whatever ;) 

Maybe you've noticed I haven't been around much the last week or so. I think now is a good time to take an official 'Spring Break' from this here blog. And probably the internet all together, actually. There are a lot of things happening for our family these days and sometimes writing gets bumped to the bottom of the priority list for a bit. At the top is quality family time, photography deadlines, and house projects (read: dishes and laundry). So please excuse my silence while I catch up on the things that are piling up. I'll be back soon, hopefully with fresh inspiration and a new motivation.

See you soon!!

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