Wednesday, May 15

9 Months!!

Mama has taken a lot of pictures this get ready. We've been doing so much stuff lately!
 /\ The rhodis outside our apartment are in full bloom. As soon as we get out the door /\
you point and 'oooh' as you try to climb out of my arms to touch the pretty flowers 
 /\ You talk all the time. Mama loves to hear your voice and see your funny faces /\
/\ We've been going on lots of walks with Nora! This was the first day you /\ 
wore real shoes and I think you felt really grown up. And happy!! 
 /\ You love to play in your room. But hardly with your toys! You're more /\
interested in climbing around the furniture, and peeking at Mama! 
 /\ We walked to the soccer park to watch Daddy play with his friends. We were parked /\
on the hill and you were mesmerized by the ball being kicked back and forth. Then 
you fell asleep on the way home.
 /\ Once you learned to stand by yourself, you never want to be down. Your balance is /\ 
so good you can move all around and play with toys without tipping over! Also, that 
little outfit was so funny. A little too small..but funny.
 /\ Ha! This is such a great photo of you. That stuff all over your face is black beans /\
and avocado. Waving your hands in the air like ya just don't care!
 /\ More new food! You had fun biting the watermelon but, after chewing it a couple times, /\
you spit it out. All over Aunt Sue!
 /\ Our first Mother's Day together at Point Defiance Park /\
 /\ You would have eaten every single rock on the beach if Mama woulda let you! /\
 /\ And every blade of grass!! /\
 /\ Uncle Jordy is introducing you to all sorts of new music. You like Vampire Weekend /\
just like Mama does! Dance party!!
  /\ We've spent so much time outside because the weather has been uh-mazing! /\
I always put out the picnic blanket and you crawl straight to the edge. Just to 
make sure the grass is okay ;)
 /\ You always have fun playing with Aria. You thought her magnets were so cool. /\
And tasty!! 
 /\ You and Mama built a little fort to play in. The look on your face when Mama climbs around /\
with you is priceless. I'll climb under the table/desk/bouncy chair anytime just to see that goofy grin!
 /\ We took our first trip to the Home Depot plant center. It was like a jungle! /\
/\ You wore shorts most days this month. I love your chubby legs! /\
 /\ You showed Carabelle how to swing for her first time. She was a little nervous but you helped /\
her be brave! 
Dear 9 Month Old,

   You are Mama's best friend! You laugh at all my jokes. You think my dance moves are super cool. You don't mind hanging out with me 24/7. You are always willing to give me a big hug and kiss. Pretty much, you're just my favorite person. I love you!

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