Sunday, June 16

On Your First Father's Day

 Dear Camillo,
    What a sweet daddy you are. From the day we found out we were going to be parents, you have loved this boy with all your heart. And now, I can see your heart is growing even bigger. You are kind and patient. Silly and fun. You're so excited to be a good daddy, and I'm enjoying every moment watching you grow into your newest role. 
     I'm praying that you and Oliver will always be best buds. That you will be a positive role model in his life, an example of a daddy who loves Jesus and Mommy. I pray for your heart that you will continue to pursue a stronger relationship with Jesus because that's what Ollie needs the most. 
    Thank you for working hard to take care of us. You have such great goals for your future and I know that your motivation comes from wanting to provide opportunities for our family. You're going to be an excellent doctor because you care about people and want to help those in need. I'm glad that Ollie will grow up seeing this in you and I hope he becomes that kind of person, too. 
    You are one of Ollie's favorite people. He loves you so very much! I can see in the way he looks at you as if he's saying 'Dad, dad, hey dad! I love you!' The fact that you are the only one who can make him giggle as hard as he does. The way he waves toward the door long after you've left for class. How he wraps his little arm around your neck and clings to the arm that holds him when you guys are snuggling. It's so good for this Mama's heart to see a daddy and his boy. 
   I love you so very much. I'm proud of you and I'm proud to be your wifey. Thank you for doing life with me. We're in this together, me and you babe.

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