Monday, June 24

The Argument Inside My Head For The Last 2 Months

Dude. I'm gonna shave my head. 

Well, no. I probably shouldn't. I'll just get it cut real short. 

But then  I'll look like Justin Bieber. 

It will be so quick and easy! And fun and cute!

My face is too round. Too chubby!

Short hair will be great for a hot summer.

I won't be able to pull it up.

I hate wearing it up all the time.

I'll look like a chubby Justin Bieber.

If I don't try it, I'll be sorry. I really wanna try it!

What if I hate it?! I hated it last time.

But that's because I wasn't expecting it. 

I might look like a boy. And hate it.

It will grow, you're taking vitamins!

Okay, let's do it!!
I did it and I love it! And so does Camillo, yay!! 

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  1. you are so cute...always, with any haircut:)


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