Friday, June 21

A Late Lunch

Yesterday we took a little drive to Olympia to have a late Father's Day lunch with my dad and grandparents! I'd been looking forward to it for a week so even when we were behind schedule by an hour, I didn't let myself get stressed out. Be cool, mama, be cool. 

It's always good to see my daddy and this trip was extra special to see my grandpa and grandma. They haven't seen Ollie since he was barely crawling so they were in for a treat when he practically ran into the restaurant! 

Ollie is pretty good in restaurants but he can get kind of rambunctious so we were hoping to grab lunch to go and head to the park. No such luck since it was cold and windy, sometimes rainy. But! There was a cute little garden out the back of the old school burger joint so we ate inside then went out to play. Ollie loved wandering around the pathway, sniffing flowers and chewing sniffing rocks. We're working on not putting things in our mouth so instead, we smell them. He's doing pretty well. I'm keeping an eye on his diapers though, just in case I miss something...

Anyways, aside from smelling things, Ollie was so curious and wanted to know "dat?!" He points at everything and shouts dat? dat? DAT?! It's mostly cute but honestly, I run out of stuff to tell him. "That's a balloon that's full of helium so it can float" or "That's a green cactus with pokey things on it, don't touch!" or "That's a pretty red flower, Mama doesn't know the name, do you wanna smell it? No, don't eat it!" 
It was a fun afternoon with the Olels and Candido boys (and Grandma Lu!) Family is really important to me and I'm trying to be better about spending more time with them. I love you, guys! Thanks for a Happy Father's Day :)


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