Tuesday, June 18

10 Months Big!

Dear Ollie,

   Oh my. Mama feels like you're not her baby anymore! Now, you're her little boy!! When people ask how old you are, I have to stop and think. 10 months! It's somehow gone by so quickly but at the same time, I feel like you could be 2 already. You are so happy and easy going. You're such a blessing to me, Sonny. Your happy heart reminds Mama not to get too worked about little stuff, to just be silly and enjoy life. 
   This month has been so super fun. You're a pro at walking. You talk all the time, even more than before! You've tried lots of new foods and your favorite things to play with are cups and spoons. Or, in some cases, buckets and spatulas! You are 30 inches long and you weigh 26 pounds. Oh, you have seven teeth and the eighth is coming out!! That's more that all of your friends - even the ones that are older than you. How is this happening?!  
   Here are some pictures from this month together.. 
You've been practicing walking everywhere! At the park, you didn't want to be in your stroller, you wanted to walk with Mama behind it!
Oh, brotha. You're so proud of yourself, look at that face! 
You love to feed yourself. And you love to take bites of Mama and Daddy's food. It's fun to share. But sometimes you take a little more than you can chew...
You are very curious and observant. Even at the playground, you seem pretty serious about stuff until you figure it out. Then you shake those chimes like it ain't no thang! 
Oh, you're making funny faces these days, too. That picture up there was a cold/sour face. And the picture down there is the face you make when you're sniffing something. But sometimes there's nothing to sniff. You just make that face and suck in with your nose. You think it's pretty funny! Ok, Mama does, too:) 
We like to go on walks down to the canal to watch the boats and ducks and geese. One time, two ducks hopped out of the water and came to play with us! Woah. It was so cool! But when they realized we didn't want to share our lunch, they left to find someone who would. Next time we'll take some to share!
We watched your first parade this month, too! It was definitely your nap time so you were pretty quiet. But Mama saw you watching it all, taking everything in. Then the doggies and the goats came. That was your favorite part! You barked at those doggies until you couldn't see them anymore. You love animals so much! 

Ollie, you are Mama's little buddy. We go everywhere together and I'm so thankful for you. I hope we stay pals forever. And ever. 
I love you!

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