Wednesday, July 31

How To Enjoy Your 5k Color Run {5 Tips}

1. Bring your friends
     Running with a group always makes it more exciting!!

2. Show some spirit and wear lots of white
     That probably sounds like an oxymoron, but the whole point is for your white to get colored on your

3. Don't worry about your time
     This is not a 5k for breaking personal records, take it easy and run through all the color stations!!

4. You will have pink ear wax and blue boogers for a couple days 
     Don't worry. Totally normal.

5. Let your hair down and have a good time
     Literally speaking, let your hair down and fill it with color! Or wear it up, whatever. But figuratively
     speaking, let loose and don't worry about getting messy!!  

Also, it's fun to take lots of pictures! Just be careful to keep your camera/phone out of the dust storm. Here are some of our 'before' pics:

/\ In our place, waiting to start! /\
And after:
  /\ Uh, not sure what's up with my friggin pose here but... /\
What a fun day we had! Color runs have kind of exploded in the last two years. It seems like they're everywhere! Have you heard of them before? This was the Color In Motion 5K and next month is the Color Me Rad 5K. If you're in the Seattle area and think you'd enjoy a fun run, you should totally register! I'm going to join the Color Me Rad run, too, so come find me!


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