Monday, July 29


Hey, guys. Just dropping in to say hello. What a weird couple weeks it's been in the Candido house! To be totally honest, we're pretty exhausted and a bit stressed out. Everything is totally fine, we've just kinda hit a rough patch this month. Ollie is not sleeping at all and it's wearing me out. He's got a nasty cold but I think his late night shenanigans are a sign of the next developmental leap. Then we had some bills come in unexpectedly. Things were already really tight budget wise but we're trusting that Jesus will provide. Being grown up can be super hard sometimes, huh? I'm so thankful that God has kept Camillo and I united as a team. Sometimes stress can cause grumpy attitudes and short tempers but thankfully ours didn't last too long and we've been better at communicating and supporting each other. We decided long ago that most important was for me to stay home with Ollie. That decision has forced some sacrifices but it's also brought such joy and fulfillment to me! I'm so thankful Camillo is supportive of me staying home. Even on the nights we're eating PB&J, I can't complain. Because this is what I've always wanted!! 

As I'm writing this tonight, I'm bumming wifi from my friend while I hang out with her kidlet. Don't worry, Norah is safe and sound in bed. It's so quiet. I can actually hear my thoughts! So I'm trying to write down some of them before they're lost again. I'll write and schedule a couple posts tonight so that I'm not gone from this space for too long. Not sure when we'll have wifi back at our place but I hope to be writing more consistently very soon. Bills, man. Who needs 'em?! 


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