Monday, August 26

Another Birthday Celebration and a Musical

For my birthday in June, my mom got us tickets to see the August showing of Sister Act at the Paramount!! Sister Act (1&2!) was my favorite movie growing up. Seriously, all time. Ever since then, I've had a thing for Lauryn Hill, too. I mean. Just listen to her voice! It was the perfect gift, what a fun night! Doesn't my mama look so happy in that top photo?
We parked a few blocks from the theater and started walking. Since we had a little bit of time before the show, we ducked into a little pizza place for a slice and a soda. We kept saying 'this is so nice!' and just relaxed without anybody else needing us to do something for them. It was so amazing. The photo above has a beautiful chandelier in the background. Oops. Missed it. But in my defense, it was 7:28 and we were rushing in. So, quick photo! 

The show was a blast. The characters were just like the ones in the movie, and the songs were exciting. I might have wanted to jump up and dance for one or two. But I did not. My mom probably would have been super embarrassed ;) 

It was a much needed night out and I enjoyed time with my mama very much. Thanks, Mom and Happy Birthday to me!! ha!

Have you ever been to a musical? What did you see? 


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