Tuesday, August 27

Drink Your Cantaloupe

Canteloupe from our garden
photo via flickr

Saturday I started fantasizing about giving Ollie back. Ya know. For just, like, one day. Don't look at me like that, you've totally thought about it, too. It had been a super long week of ear infections, high fevers, molars coming through, needing to be held all day, screaming awake every two hours through the night. I was exhausted and, in a moment of weakness, wondered at the possibility of ever getting a break. I'm confessing this to you so don't judge me.

As I stood over the sink full of dishes, feeling sorry for myself, I looked over to where he sat in his chair. I watched him put a chunk of cantaloupe into his cup and then casually try to drink it. It was so sweet and, at that moment, Jesus softened my heart, gave me a big dose of compassion for my little guy, and a spurt of energy to do the next thing I needed to do. It's not Ollie's fault he's in so much pain. He just wants his mama. And that's me! I get to be his mama. The one he runs to when he just doesn't feel good.

It takes a lot to be a mom. Most importantly, Jesus. I couldn't do these back aching late nights or early mornings without Him.


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  1. Sweet Joy,
    I hope you don't feel guilty for feeling that way. I think everyone has those days no matter what season of life they are in. However for all it's worth, I think you are such a beautiful mother. You are giving Ollie so much of yourself. I enjoy reading of all your stories and adventures. But, i can only imagine how challenging that may be at times. Stay strong and keep turning to Him. that's the right direction. :) I'll be praying for you tonight and that O feels better. Hugs!


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