Wednesday, August 28

Family Water Day

Last week we had a family day at Wild Waves! Camillo and I hadn't been for years so of course Ollie hadn't been yet. The three of us met up with my mama and little brother Josiah. It was one of those trips that I was super excited for but also super anxious about. I knew Ollie would have a great time, but I also knew it would be a long, hot afternoon and that I'd need to prepare accordingly. We walked in from the parking lot with his stroller, diaper bag, lunch, and big duffel bag stuffed full. I felt like we could probably stay for a week. 

Just as I suspected Ollie loved the water!! He went down a bunch of slides, ran through the fountains, and bent down to stick his face in the water so many times! Over and over! I took him to the wave pool and he just kicked his feet and laughed and laughed! Oh man, that little laugh is always good for a mama's heart. It melted that day. My heart, I mean. I just love to see Ollie happy. It's the best.

My mom kept the baby for a while so me and Camillo could run off with Josiah and go down some big kid slides. Super fun! I love playing in the water, too I guess. We had fun being silly and running around. When we all met up again, we got dried off and trekked over to the side of the park with all the rides. It was a Monday and the lines weren't very long so we left the baby and the Grammy again and went for a roller coaster ride. The second best part of the day? Camillo's uncontrollable laughter as we were whipped up and down, back and forth, round and round in circles. I asked if he was hamming it up and he said 'No, I've just got the butterflies!' haha The headache and nausea I endured afterwards was totally worth getting to see Camillo having fun. No worries, no text books, just happy. Seriously. It was such an amazing, awesome day. I sure do love my family. I've decided we need a little more fun in our lives. Maybe mama will just skip the roller coaster next time ;)


side note: maybe Ollie inherited Mommy's motion sickness. He looks like he's gonna ralph on the carousel, doesn't he? Sorry, buddy. 

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