Tuesday, August 20

Birthday Boy

Did you hear? Our little Oliver's first birthday was on Thursday! For a while, I felt a lot of pressure to throw him a big party. You know. The First Birthday Party.  But when it came down to it, a big party was just too much for this Mama. Not to mention, I kind of have bad luck when throwing a party is involved. So I made the decision at the beginning of the month to just keep it simple. Me, Camillo, and our baby. And I'm so glad. It was a super sweet day, just the three of us.

The morning started late - Ollie slept in until NINE! People, he usually wakes me up at 630 every morning!! When we finally heard him up, we snuck in with a handful of balloons - he loves balloons. We were giddy with excitement as we sang Happy Birthday but he kinda just stared blankly at us for a minute, blinking awake slowly. I guess we kinda rushed him. But once he rubbed the sleepy out of his eyes, he practically jumped out of his crib to get those balloons! We all snuggled and hugged, and sang a couple more rounds of Happy Birthday, then let him down to play. 
Until this day, Ollie hadn't really had any sweet treats. I'd been looking around for recipes specifically for first birthday cakes and found the idea of cake batter pancakes. This recipe was just I wanted: a fun treat that wasn't too sweet. And instead of syrup (syrup on cupcakes? No thanks!) we drizzled some mango puree over our sprinkled pancakes. It was just perfect! There wasn't a sprinkle left uneaten!!  
After breakfast, Ollie needed his balloons back. So he got them and flung them around while I cleaned up breakfast. And took a million pictures. This is literally one of maybe 24...
After clean up and play time it was nap time. It was the first day we had rain in, like, a month so it was the perfect nap day. Dark, breezy, chilly, and wet. I loved it. I don't think Ollie noticed. Except that we didn't get to go to the park as planned (don't worry, we made up for it the next day). Anyways, we both napped while Daddy worked on his computer. It was glorious.
Naps around here only last about an hour, especially on first birthdays. And most especially when there are balloons floating through the living room waiting to be played with!
What a great day we had. The evening was low key with lots of playing on the floor with new toys. I made some homemade pizza because what's a party without pizza?! And because Ollie loves it. Then, it was party hat time!! I asked Daddy to get the boy ready for bed and a few minutes later, this is what was happening...Oh yeah, buddy!!
Happy Birthday, Ollie! If you remember anything about this day I hope it's that we had a fun time as a family and being silly together. Let's make balloon wake ups and sprinkle pancakes a birthday family tradition, whatdya say? Love you, Birthday Boy!!


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