Thursday, August 15

12 Whole Months!!

 /\ Walking to get ice cream with Norah. Holding hands across the street! /\
 /\ You have been totally fascinated with Daddy's scoot! /\ 
 /\ realized you can climb up to the table! /\
 /\ You and Daddy had to work together to fix the vacuum. Thanks for helping him! /\
 /\ This is one of only a few pictures we have together. Mama is always the one behind the camera! /\
 /\ Oh buddy. I laugh out loud every time I look at this. We were folding laundry /\
and you were trying to dress yourself, I guess! You make the funniest faces!! hahaha!!
 /\ You've been practicing feeding yourself! You're doing really well. 
 /\ Too cool! On a walk to Gasworks with Mama and Daddy /\

Dear Oliver,
   You are ONE! I'm just so thankful for the last 365 days we've had together. You've taught me a lot about a lot of things and I hope I'm doing alright as your mama. I think we make a really good team and I just love ya so much! 
   Today was a very good day; me, you, and Daddy. Mama was thinking a lot about the day you were born. I need to write you a letter about that day! Daddy pointed out that today is also kinda like a 'family anniversary'! When you came, you made us a family (not just a couple)!! Happy Anniversary to the Three Happy Candidos! 
   You are using more words, both with your voice and your hands! You've figured out how to sign 'milk' and it's just so sweet for Mama to see you asking for some. You can say 'bye' and wave to Daddy when he leaves for work in the mornings. You can say Dada and Mama and I think 'baba' means balloon. Or ball. Or what a baby lamb says. :) You know what I mean when I say book - you go straight to your shelf and pick some out! You also know 'vacuum' and that it stays in the closet when we're not using it. Being able to communicate with you in a new way has been really exciting for Mama. I love that we know each other so well! 
   It's been so fun to eat dinner together as a family each night. You are pretty much eating whatever Mama and Daddy eat so we can all share. You've been practicing using forks and spoons. I can tell you have to concentrate very hard and sometimes, right before the food makes it to your mouth, your spoon tips a little bit and all the food falls out. Darn it. Mama really just wants to help you do it but I know you need to practice. That's how you'll learn! 
   Before bed, you and Daddy like to have some wrestle time. I can hear you giggle and laugh together in your room. Daddy likes to tickle you and you think it's pretty great, too. Sometimes, if it gets quiet, I sneak back there and peek at you guys. You like sitting on Daddy's lap while he reads stories in Portuguese. Do you know what he's saying? 
   Thanks for being so happy and brave and snuggly and curious and fun. Daddy and Mama are so so so very thankful that Jesus gave you to us to take care of. Happy Birthday, Sonny!!
   Love you,

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