Wednesday, January 16

Five Months!!

Hell-o, Sonny! What a big boy you've become this month! You've learned so many new things - Mama and Daddy are so proud of you!! You're such a sweet little person. Mama loves to be your mama!
We were going to wait until you turned 6 months before we gave you your first taste of food. I thought we could skip the whole rice cereal step all together and go straight for the avocados and sweet potatoes. But since you're the size of most 9 month olds I've ever known, you were too hungry to wait another month! You're doing really great at eating with a spoon. The first few tries made for some funny faces but, now that you got the hang of it, you love eating like a big boy! My favorite thing is to watch Daddy feed you. It's pretty funny. And messy!
We went to Yogurtland with Uncle Jordy and you sat in the high chair all by yourself! It was a little wobbly at first but, by the look on your face, you were pretty impressed with yourself.
Your arms are getting stronger by the day - you can even push up onto your toes and hold the plank position. Mama can hardly even do that! Oh, gosh. You make the cutest faces when you're proud about something. And when you're holding yourself up - that's the best!
We've got a roller in the house! You started by going from your back to your tummy. A couple weeks later, you figured out how to go from your tummy to your back! Now, Mama can put you down on the floor with your toys and walk away for just a minute..when I come back, you're across the living room!! Yay for Mama and Daddy!! :) 

It's been a pretty great month, I'll say. We celebrated your first Christmas and New Year. Somebody (Daddy?!) taught you how to growl like a lion, oh my! You're a very chatty little guy and when you talk to Mama, I'm certain that you're telling me all sorts of stories. What fun adventures you imagine! 

Love you, Suga Baby. Seriously, we love having you in our family. Thank you for being such a sweet boy. What are we gonna learn this month?!

Mama and Daddy

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