Monday, July 15

11 Months!! (and lots of photos)

Dear Ollie,
   Woah, Sonny. This was a big month for us! Mama can't believe next month is your birthday. But ya know what? I also can't believe you're not 5 yet. You just seem so grown up! Not only are you walking, but now you run and climb everywhere, all over everything!! You are a very busy body, that's for sure.  
 You have such a happy heart! Mama is so thankful! You have happy feet, too! When you get excited you hop from foot to foot real fast. Daddy does it with you and it's just so funny!! 
 The beginning of the month was nice and cool outside, so Mama did a lot of baking. You love pumpkin bread, zucchini bread, and blueberry muffins!! 
 You got your first pair of sunglasses! I just think you're so handsome!! 
 We had lunch with Gpa and you tried a french fry! (of course you loved it)
 You can spot a flower from a mile away. Mama can tell what you're looking at because you wrinkle up your nose and start blowing out sniffing. When you get a little bigger, remember girls like getting flowers, too!
 The second half of your 10th month was very hot! We spent a lot of time near the water. Daddy took us to the beach for the first time
We spent an afternoon in the wading pool. 
 Uncle Josiah and Uncle Jordy took you into Greenlake for your first swim! You loved it! Mama has some little movies of you laughing and splashing. I'm so glad you love the water!
Mama has been feeling brave about letting you help with the baking. We made waffles together! You're very good at flinging stirring the mix! 
When it comes to food in general, you're good at getting it everywhere. Also, you've found the answer to getting your hair to stand up straight all day. Yogurt and banana!! (think we can patent the idea?!) 
 Your naps are still all over the place. We're trying to find a rhythm but every time two days are the same, the next is different. We'll figure it out! You are always super happy when you wake up, no matter what!
 After a Target visit, we spent an extra 5 minutes walking in and out of the doors. They opened by themselves!! You were completely fascinated and Mama had the best time walking 
back and forth with you!
Oh my. You found your belly button! You are very skeptical about it...not quite sure what to think! 
You love music and you've started making your own with pots and pans and tupperware! You love to dance and it's just so cute to watch you! All you need is a beat and you'll stop what you're doing and start swaying side to side. 

   You've learned how to sign 'all done' and so now you tell Mama when you're all done with your meal, all done sleeping, all done being in your carseat. It melts Mama's heart to see you wave your little hands to tell me something! Now we're working on 'more', 'please', and 'food'. You can understand 'milk' but you can't quite sign it yourself yet. It's so exciting! 
   The broom has found a special place in your heart recently. Balancing something that is twice as long as you sure is fun, I guess! You call it a moom. We're working on the 'B' part at the beginning. Luckily, though, Mama knows what you're talking about.
   Almost every morning when you wake up between 630 and 730, Daddy will go into your room to say good morning. Then he brings you into our room so you can drink milk and we can all snuggle for just a few more minutes. You are super affectionate towards Daddy, giving him a million hugs and kisses. For some reason, after Mama nurses you, I can't get anymore snuggles! Love 'em and leave 'em..
   We finally found some 'little people' blocks and cars for you to play with, too. You love playing with cars and even make the sound while you're driving them around! It's the cutest thing to see you squatting on the floor, whipping your cars back and forth.
   Speaking of squatting, that's all you do! You never sit down, and hardly ever stop moving! You bend at the hips and knees while your little tush hovers an inch above the ground. Mama and Daddy laugh at how quickly your attention goes from one thing to the next. Squat, cars, run, moom, stand, books, squat, blocks, run to kiss daddy, get the moom, crash it into the wall, fall down, get up, climb onto the suitcase, woah!, run to the kitchen, goGoGO!!
   Since we live really close to Lake Washington, we hear a lot of water planes coming and going. They fly right past our house and whenever you hear one, you stop dead in your tracks, look toward the window and then, with very big eyes and dramatic punctuation say 'WwooooWww'. This happens at least 3 times every day :)
   You've got such a big personality. Everybody comments on what a little character you are. You make all sorts of different voices, funny faces, and you're very dramatic about some things. You are Mama's baby! 
   Daddy and Mama love you so much, Ollie. You're such a blessing, we're sooo thankful for you! 
   Happy 11th month!

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