Wednesday, September 11

A Random Roundup

Ever have those days (weeks?!) where there are 143 (times 16) things swirling around in your head and you can't seem to catch just one of them to figure out what it is? Gosh, I've been feeling so discombobulated the last couple days!! Maybe it's because Ollie has been sleeping terribly and that means I have been, too. We're talking maybe 4 consecutive hours a night. Maybe it's because my to-do list is getting longer by the minute. Or maybe because Fall is on the way and it always seems to be the most inspiring season for me. I've got lots of ideas but I can't focus! I guess I'm telling you these things as a disclaimer for the rest of this post. It's a random one...I finished up the photos of this happy face. Oakley turned one in July and I got to chase him around the playground with my camera! It was a very wet, rainy day and he was such a trooper! More from that day soon...I can hardly stand this pic of my boy. Look at his face! He'd been sleeping in the car through most of Oakley's photo shoot. When he woke up, he was such a grumpy pants! It looks like Grammy had to drag him to the playground. Ha! Oh, man.

Quiche. If you get to Al A Mode early enough, there will be a big piece waiting for you. It's so delicious. Ollie and I have shared a couple slices over the last few weeks. Don't tell Jordan, but it's one of the main reasons we visit him at work ;)
My photo album is so full, I can't take any more pictures! But I'm so OCD about how I organize them into my computer that I keep procrastinating on getting them out of my phone. Am I the only one with this problem?! 

These pics were taken at the Bellevue Square kid's place. I don't even know what it's called but it is a really awesome spot! There are all sorts of rubbery climbing toys like ferries, a lighthouse, a bridge. The place was swarming with kids and Ollie felt like such a big boy climbing around with them. Pictures of the two of us don't happen often, so these are really special to me (thanks, Laniss)!  

I cut my hair again and this time it's perfect. My last cut reminded me of the bowl cuts my brothers used to get (see above) and I wasn't happy with it after the first couple days. Now it's perfectly short and sassy. I'm so glad I got brave and cut it all off!! Thanks, Amanda :) (side note: I think this is a really weird photo but it's the only one I have of my short hair. And Jordan's glasses. So..)

Well, that's that. Thanks for letting me get out some of my random thoughts. I've also been filling pages with brainstorming notes for this here blog. It's something I really enjoy and I hope to have more time for it come Fall. Will you help me? What are some things you like to read about here? What do you get tired of me writing about? Is there something you wish I'd talk about more? Be kind but be honest, I want to know!


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