Friday, September 6

From Where I Write

I'm going to try a new series called 'From Where I Write'. As a work from home mama, I realized my surroundings are constantly changing. Sometimes I'm sitting on the couch with my feet up, others I'm at my desk slouching over the keyboard (I know, I'm trying to work on my posture. I just sat up straighter..). Sometimes I'm on the floor while the babe is building with blocks around me, and others I'm sitting at the dining table, surrounded by sewing notions and fabric scraps. And a small trash can on the table. Maybe this will be a super boring series and I'll quit after a couple tries, or maybe it will be fun. Maybe it will help me be more thoughtful about my workspace and be a motivation to change things up. We'll see.

Today is another very rainy day. I love the rain so there's not an ounce of complaint in me. Well, maybe an ounce, but it has nothing to do with the rain and everything to do with a brown eyed boy who was up all night again. I'm tired. And the rain is agreeing with me that it should be a lazy, restful, cozy day.
I have some new recipes I'm going to whip up and some rearranging of the living room I hope to tackle. Ollie climbing up onto Camillo's desk is not quite ideal. I need to find an indoor jungle gym for that monkey!! If you know anybody who's selling one, let me know ;)

Happy Friday, friends. Have a good weekend!

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