Wednesday, September 4

Oh, September

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday! Happy September! This is only the 4th day of the month and I'm already in love with it. Oh, September.
On the first day, I got to sleep in! Then we laid low the rest of the day and it was lovely. Even Ollie was chill. I seriously can't remember anything else about that day. Ha! Maybe I was sleep walking through all of it..
On the second day, Ollie and I spent the morning with Uncle Jordy at the pie shop. Miss Laniss and Aria met us there and then took Ollie to the playground across the street while I stayed to work on some photo editing. Then we came home so baby could sleep and I spent two hours cutting and sewing! I haven't had that much creativity time since..well, since Ollie was born! I felt amazing. Like, seriously.
On the third day, we went back to the pie shop and this time met Miss Kelsey and Norah. It was a very rainy day but that didn't stop those crazy kids from jumping puddles and going down the water slides Oliver was soaking wet by the end of it all and fell fast asleep on the 10 minute drive home. He didn't even wake up when I took him out of his car seat - and then slept for two hours!! (I can't say this out loud but..I think this 2 hour thing might stick around. Shh! Also, hallelujah!!)

Now, I'm putting on my running shoes and heading out into the cool, overcast morning for a run. Best weather for a run if you ask me. It's gonna be a great day.

What is your favorite month? Does it have anything to do with changing seasons?


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