Monday, September 16

Weekend Recap

Saturday, Camillo and I celebrated 5 years as Mr&Mrs. Five years? I don't feel old enough to have been married that long! We were a young bride and groom, growing up together. It's been a good, hard, rewarding, sometimes frustrating, wonderful, kinda crazy, amazing 5 years of learning how to love each other bigger and better. A couple weeks ago I asked  Camillo (with kind of a pout) if he thought we'd even come very far in the last five years. He assured me that of course we have and, looking through our wedding photos at those two little kids, I agree. For a minute I felt like we should be farther along, better at being married, or whatever. But we've learned so much about one another, built a life together, and started a family together. We're a great team, crazy about each other, and hopeful for another 90 wondrous years together. Love you, babe. 
Sunday, this little digger turned 13 months. I've seen a real change in him these last couple weeks. He's more sturdy in his climbing, seems to understand more of what we say, has quit eating sand by the handfuls, and has an imagination that keeps him busy with his dishes, animals, cars, and blocks. Just, grown up! He's got a little attitude that comes out with fake cries and hollers. He's a sweet heart who, at the end of the day, just wants to be with Mama and Daddy. After 2 weeks of not sleeping at all, we've finally found his new rhythm and the last 5 days he only woke up once each night! Glory halelujah!

We had a sentimental weekend with these two milestones. We spent both days together exploring our city and ignoring outside distractions. There were also a couple naps to be had, pizza to be made, and football to be cheered for. It was an excellent weekend for the three Candidos. Hoping the same for your family!


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