Tuesday, October 15

A Few of Ollie's Faves

this post is part of my 31 Day series. here is the beginning

I started writing about our dinner but then remembered today is Ollie's 14th month birthday! So let's talk about some of his favorite foods.
He's been working on his eating-by-himself skills and as you can see, the spoon is making it into his mouth. All of his food? Eh, different story. But he's better today than even yesterday and I'm really proud of him! He really likes greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and applesauce. Not mixed together. Ha!
I've picked up a couple of these pouches for when we're out and about during lunch time. They're really handy, even though I've always thought it was super weird to just give my kid a bag of food. Really, that's all it is, isn't it? But it's cool, they're an occasional treat.
We discovered that he loves corn on the cob! And he insists on eating it like a big boy. Most of the time he just skims off the top of the kernel but every once in a while he gets all the way down to the core! It's so funny to watch him :) He has also started eating his own whole apples. He holds it with both hands and just keeps digging at the same spot until he busts into the core. It's quite possible he's eaten a couple seeds..I'll be on the look out for them ;)
Every once in a while I'll let him eat his snack at the dining table. I can't believe my little is already big enough to climb into a chair and stand at the table to eat.  Obviously, Horsey was hungry so Ollie shared his crackers with him. (Uh, let's not acknowledge the safety hazard that is that pen sitting right there...?!?!)
He also has the funnest time eating edamame. He just pops 'em into his mouth, one after the other..I can hardly get them out of their shell fast enough! These are packed with protein and I feel really good that he likes them. Something else packed in protein? Tortellini! I buy a package when they go on sale and they're just the right size for him to scoop up. Yum! 

At this age, he's pretty much eating everything we eat. He wants to try it all! He even ate little chunks of steak with us tonight! I love that we can share new food with him. Being responsible for what goes into his little body has inspired me to cook healthier so we can all eat healthier. 


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