Sunday, October 20

[a witty title that has nothing to do with food but everything to do with our week]

this post is part of my 31 Day series. here is the beginning

Thursday was a weird day. I guess my mind needed some time off because it seemed to be missing all day! The weather was gor.geous. Crisp and bright. Ollie and I went for a nice long walk in the morning, then after nap we explored Discovery Park with Uncle Jordy and his new lens. It was so nice and relaxing. Exactly what I needed but I didn't even know it.
Friday was grocery shopping day. I felt a little overwhelmed because I needed to plan for a week's meals + company! But Ollie was very helpful by keeping a list as we strolled up and down the aisles. ;) And once I had 'groceries' crossed off my to-do list, I felt much better. 
Friday evening Camillo and I went on our first dinner date in 14 months! Oh my goodness, you guys. It was blissful. I ate my own dinner without having to feed someone else. And Camillo and I got to talk and visit the whole evening. Just the two of us. *sigh* After dinner, we walked a couple blocks to Bluebird IceCream. I got Phantograham (graham crackers and chocolate, yum!) and Camillo got Elysian Stout. It was supposed to be a beer flavor but he didn't really taste it..Thank you Julia for a grown up date night!! (and here's to more on a regular basis!!)
Saturday Caroline and Maria flew in to Seattle!! The two kidlets are only 5 months apart and they are getting along SO well. They follow each other around and are constantly giving each other hugs and kisses. Cutest thing ever. Ollie is working on saying Maria but it comes out sounding more like Aria! hehe, He loves his friend Aria, too :) I finally got to bake some cookies, too. Did you see that?! Caroline loves them so I might have an excuse to make them again before she leaves. I'll be sure to send a couple all of them home with her ;)
I'll do my best to keep up with my daily posts but please forgive me if I miss [another] day or two. We have family here through the end of the month and we want to cherish our time together. That might mean no blogging for this mama! You can be sure there will still be plenty of eating though ;)


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