Monday, November 11

Late Night Wit

It seems like I come up with really clever, witty things to say at the most inopportune times. Like, after that confrontation with the mean girl in yoga class, I form a perfectly smart retort. Too bad I thought of it 20 minutes too late. Or, I send an email and, immediately after hearing the little swoosh of my electronic letter, realize I totally shouldn't have said it that way. Irretrievable, lost in the abyss of

Most frequently I find myself in this now-is-not-a-good-time-to-be-clever scenario at about 11:24pm. I've finally fallen into bed. My eyes are closed, I'm perfectly comfortable and fading into a deep sleep…and that's when it hits me. In this half awake/half asleep state, my mind just starts going and I am hilarious! Oh, how clever I am! What a witty thing to think! The trouble is, if I open my eyes to write down any of these brilliant little quips, I lose them. They're gone! I go back to my open-eyed-not-too-funny self. Laying there in the dark and trying, for the life of me, to retrieve anything remotely comical that was just so casually floating through my thoughts. It's a desperate feeling. Why can't I be witty when I'm awake? When anybody else in this house is awake? Who is going to believe that really, deep down I am quite the sharp shooting comedienne!?

Do me a favor, just take my word for it.


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