Wednesday, November 13

To The Zoo

Dear Ollie,
On Monday, we got to go on our first trip to the zoo! It was surprisingly warm and sunny, the perfect day to visit. I've been wanting to take you for months but for one reason or another, it hadn't worked out. But, ya know? I think this was the perfect time for us to try something new! You loved it. Loved it! We saw penguins and baby jaguars and gorillas and froggies and toucans! You climbed trees and ran through caves with Uncle Josiah, led the way through the trails and had a blast talking to the monkeys. Oo Oo Ee Ee Ee!! :D Oh man, it was the best time, really. Poor Daddy had to stay home and finish a paper that was due that night. He missed out on a great day but don't worry! We will take him again soon and you can show him your favorite animals. 

I love exploring new things with you, Buddy. You're Mama's favorite friend and I'm so thankful that Jesus picked me and Daddy to take care of you for Him. I'm doing my best, I hope you know it. 

Let's go to the Aquarium next, wanna?!
Love you!!

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